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Thanks for visiting my personal page 👋 Hi, I’m Pei-En! I’m born and raised in Taiwan, based in the Netherlands now, doing my master’s at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I focus on urban issues such as housing policy and green spaces. When I’m not working, I travel between cities as often as I can to expand my horizons. If you are interested in chatting with me, I’m available for speaking opportunities!

嗨,感謝你出現在我的網站! 我是李沛恩,來自臺灣,一位正在荷蘭讀碩士的城市規劃師。 閒暇之餘我在這裡順手建立紀錄生活的blog, 透過這個空間分享關於城市規劃的觀察筆記給有興趣的大家 :)

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