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Thank you for visiting my personal page 👋  Here I’ll try my best to provide content in both English (EN) and Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) for readers from all over the world.

I’m born and raised in Taiwan, based in the Netherlands now. I focus on urban issues such as housing policy and green spaces. Recently graduated from MSc in Urban Management and Development, at the Institute of Housing and Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University of Rotterdam, with specialization in Urban Housing, Equity & Social Justice. When I’m not working, I travel between cities as often as I can to expand my horizons. If you are interested in chatting with me, I’m available for speaking opportunities!

嗨,感謝你來到我的網站! 我會盡力將內容以兩種語言(英文與繁體中文)呈現給來自世界各地的網友。

我是李沛恩,臺灣人,一位住在荷蘭的城市規劃師。剛畢業於鹿特丹伊拉斯莫斯大學,取得城市管理與發展碩士學位,專注於城市的住房政策和住宅的可負擔性。 透過這個空間分享關於城市規劃的觀察筆記給有興趣的大家 :)

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